"One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight, for a very long time, of the shore." 

Andre Gide

I am fascinated by life transitions.


As a child, I wrote poetry on life and the passage to adulthood. In university, I explored the science of choice. As an entrepreneur, I created organisations to support people leaving prison to reconnect with their positive identities. 

Then, I was hit by a car, and life invited me to experience the journey of  transition deeply and intimately myself. I left behind my self-concept and ego, and relentlessly pursued the answer to "What is my dream?" until I learned to love the question itself.

I underwent a complete metamorphoses. I shed aspects of self that no longer served me. I looked directly at my fears. I disentangled my own beliefs from cultural and gender conditioning. I dissolved shame, guilt and self-judgement. 


This is the product of a transition fully experienced: a shift from predominantly analytical to creative living; from immersion in 'doing' to embracing 'being'; and from sharing knowledge to offering wisdom. I started out a social entrepreneur, and emerged a writer, poet, educator and dancer.

The contents of this course are the product of my self-liberation from mental captivity, designed to be shared with all who seek liberation.

Some of my proudest achievements

  • seeing the gift in my mild traumatic brain injury

  • graduating from Harvard and Cambridge universities

  • founding award-winning organisations (Spark Inside, UK and Venturing Out, USA) supporting thousands of people in prison with life transitions

  • recognition as a Women Economic Forum Iconic Woman of the Decade and as the youngest inductee into the JA Boston Business Hall of Fame

  • selection to attend the 2019 WEF Annual Meeting at Davos, as former co-curator of the Global Shapers London Hub

  • delivering 4 TEDx talks viewed over 50,000 times on deep, provocative topics like moral dilemmas and prison abolition

My passions

  • dancing urban kiz, a fusion of Angolan kizomba and rnb, hip hop and popping

  • watching comedy and writing satire 

  • writing poetry for adults and pre-teens

  • spending time by the ocean and receiving the warmth of the sun


Despite the ripples and the waves, the current moves the water along in one direction. Such is life: we are swept along on our path. There are minor disturbances, some more significant than others; but ultimately, there is one direction.

The duality of tragedy and opportunity is like a door which is simultaneously open and closed. It's like walking into a Virtual Reality open door that in real life -  is a wall.

It rains. We despair.

But afterwards, remember:

There is a rainbow.

As a child,
The gravest mistake was met with a casual “oops”
Forgotten as swiftly as it was uttered.
That was before I was introduced to Shame.
It masqueraded as my friend, but served as my Jafar.
Shame whispered into my willing ear that 
If I strove only for perfection
There wouldn’t be visible errors:
That is the point at which I stopped daring.