Not in our goals but in our transitions humanity is great. 


Ralph Waldo Emerson*
*amended with non-gendered pronouns


Baillie is in a career and life transition, on an inner journey of self-liberation and healing. A brain injury from a car accident supported her to make the shift from predominantly analytical to creative living; from immersion in 'doing' to embracing 'being'; and from sharing knowledge to offering wisdom. She's emerging as a writer, poet, educator and dancer.


Previously, Baillie held senior leadership roles in the social impact sector for over a decade. After graduating from Harvard and Cambridge universities, she founded two award-winning organisations (Spark Inside, UK and Venturing Out, USA). She has been recognised as a Women Economic Forum Iconic Woman of the Decade and is the youngest inductee into the JA Boston Business Hall of Fame.

Baillie is a trained life coach. She is a former co-curator of the World Economic Forum community of Global Shapers, for which she was selected to attend the 2019 Annual Meeting at Davos. She has delivered four TEDx talks as well as speeches to diverse audiences spanning top corporate, government and charity decision-makers through to emerging and young leaders.

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