The Course

Coming soon...

I am developing a course on navigating transition: demystifying and exploring the experience of being 'in-between' identities.  

Many of us who seek success in an achievement-oriented world often seek validation for our intellect, ambition and independence. Everything is geared toward 'doing important work in the world', climbing the ladder to prestige, money, and traditional forms of 'success'. At some point, we claim our 'rewards' and achieve our objectives - but might feel a sense of emptiness or loneliness, or even suffer from a serious illness or accident. And this is where we have a choice to engage in a metamorphoses by fully experiencing and not rushing through the sacred space that is transition. 


This may describe you:

  • considering a major life change, or already on your journey of transition and wanting to make the most of it

  • forced to let go of an aspect of your identity due to a major illness, accident or circumstance outside your control

  • ambitious and successful but at some level wondering 'what is it all for?'

  • filling every spare moment with 'doing' (including 'doing' activities to be more in the moment)

  • wanting to be more connected to your inner wisdom and intuition 

My approach is to blend insightful questions, poetic metaphor, playful humour and shared wisdom to support your introspection over the course period. 


Topics include:

  • setting the intention for your journey and selecting your guides

  • understanding how to leave the past, in the past and how to let go of control over the future

  • staying on-purpose: identifying distractions, setting boundaries and saying no

  • redefining your relationship to time, money and energy

  • letting go of societal conditioning and shedding aspects of identity

  • resolving inner tensions and managing your inner critic, perfectionism, comparison and envy

  • maximising ideation and discovery during your creative period

  • exploring your inner wisdom and managing the darkness during your solitary period

  • reconnecting to your inner child, playfulness and fun

  • learning to flow in the waters of the unknown

  • managing feelings of stuckness

  • finding freedom and living your dream

The content for this course is multi-disciplinary. It draws from my background in behavioural science, decision-making, coaching, leadership, social impact, and moral philosophy. Most importantly, it draws from the documented, intentional process I underwent as I navigated existential moments during the largest self-transformation in my own life. 


My intention is for you to make the most out of your transition, and emerge with new wisdom and gifts. Change can be scary, but it can also be playful and an exciting adventure. This course will help normalize and demystify the experience of transition by articulating the path ahead.  You'll leave with a framework for navigating change, practical tools for self-inquiry, and a renewed appreciation of the beautiful, precious moment that transition is in your life.