My Story

In 2019, the same week I was due to announce my departure from the organisation I founded, I was hit by a car as a pedestrian. I ended up with a brain injury that had ripple effects for my entire body and changed my life. I could no longer rely on my memory; I couldn't perform basic math; and it hurt to think. As an intellectual, recognised for the power of my mind, I had suddenly lost access to the asset that defined my professional identity.

I had a choice: either I could try to rest and push through, or accept that it was time for me enter into the beautiful darkness of Transition. 

I chose the former. I took a brief sabbatical and then set up a coaching and consulting business - what I will refer to in my writings, later, as a 'decoy transition'- the kind of switch that might seem like a transition but really isn't.  And my body said, "NO!"  I ended up with debilitating headaches that meant I had to stop working entirely. 

So finally, I accepted the call to adventure. I realised I had become disconnected to myself and to my dream. I quit my remaining professional commitments, left my flat and my city, and embarked on my Inner Journey. With mindfulness and self-compassion, I began to let go of aspects of my personal identity - from the label 'entrepreneur' to unravelling the pandora's box of gender and societal conditioning. This emotional healing ran concurrent to the experience of living in chronic pain, and healing from a severe long-term injury. Like an onion, I shed layers of self to the point that one week, I sat raw and exposed, depleted, with dreams of skinning myself. That was the beginning of my transformation. To become the butterfly, the caterpillar must first turn into pulp in the chrysalis. There's no other way.

And -- I've come out the other end in a way that I never could have anticipated.  Before: I was an entrepreneur, coach and consultant. Now: I am a writer, poet and dancer. I have reconnected with my inner child, gained the wisdom of my elder self, and found the joy of the present moment.

I documented my entire journey, including my innermost thoughts and feelings. On this site, I'll be sharing those experiences with you, so that you can enter the beautiful darkness that is Transition with a kind, supportive light. You are not alone, you can do it, and I'm here to support you.



Some people step into Transition: I was partially on the way, then Life gave me an extra shove.