• Baillie Aaron

How to Read During Your Transition

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

As you embark on your Transition, I'd encourage you to develop a reading list - but not to spend all your time engrossed in the ideas of others. Now is the time to start developing your own thoughts and vision, to shed societal expectations and beliefs, and to look inwards rather than outwards.

That being said, there will be times on your journey where you might feel thirsty for inspiration and guidance; or where you might feel a bit stuck, and a good book might help you get out of the rut.

What to Read

Instead of scanning the bestsellers or using your mind to guide you, I'd suggest you follow the guidance provided by serendipity. Allow your list to populate itself naturally: notice the names that keep popping up; the cover that pops out to you at the used bookstore; that novel that you've had collecting dust on your shelf for years. Perhaps finally, it feels like the right time to read these.

Focus on texts that are inspiring; provocative; exciting; heart-led; and transition-themed. It is too easy to become distracted. Books are like guides: pick one that will carry you in the direction you wish to travel, rather than against the current.

How to Read

There will be peaks and troughs for reading: allow yourself days, weeks and months without books, to observe the wisdom in nature and in the world around you, and to deepen your own sense of your own insights.

When you are in a period where you wish to consume knowledge from others, read multiple books at the same time. The cross-circulation supports ideation and creativity, which is precisely what we are looking for during Transition. You don't need to finish them; read the parts that pique your interest.

Throughout your Transition, keep a list of the books that you want to read, as your interests will likely change rapidly. Open them when the time is right to begin each one. You'll know when this is.

Starting Point

I've shared some of the books and podcasts that I found the most enriching during my Transition. I'd love to hear additional resources that have impacted your life during moments of Transition - please put them in the comments along with a description of why you recommend them, or email them to me directly and I'll include them in my next list.