Recommended Resources

As you embark on your Transition, it might be helpful to draw, at times, from the inspiration found in the words of others - as well as that to be gleaned from your own self-reflections. 

A resource list is highly subjective, as each person's journey of transition will be different. But here are some of the books and podcasts that were among the most resonant with me on my path:



The Untethered Soul (Michael Singer)

This book offers practical steps to release ourselves from the shackles of emotions which weigh us down -- a must do in order to leave the past in the past, and enter fully into the present moment of transition. It asks: What would it be like to free yourself from limitations and soar beyond your boundaries? What can you do each day to discover inner peace and serenity? 

The Surrender Experiment (Michael Singer)

Singer shares his extraordinary personal story of what happened when he decides to let go of his personal preferences around what he wanted the future to hold - and instead surrendered to the flow of life. Our aim is to reach a place where we are in alignment with 'flow'; I found this book, particularly the first half, inspiring and profound. 

Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation (Steven Johnson)

As we embark on our transitions, we are thirsty for ideas; and it's the ideal time to shake up our ordinary way of living and break the routine. But how do we do that practically? Johnson offers insights from nature to help us understand how to prime our minds for innovation. I think the tips are excellent and the first third of the book in particular is definitely worth reading. Note: I only noted one woman innovator mentioned in the whole book.  

The Heroine's Journey: Woman's Quest for Wholeness (Maureen Murdock)

I cannot recommend this book more highly. It is like a roadmap for the journey of transition. While the title is gendered, it is for everyone - it is about the inner journey, that quest we go on into ourselves, to reconnect with our feminine aspects and a healthier version of our masculine side. This book is a light when we go into the dark period of transition - I suggest getting a copy now, so that it's there when you need it. You'll know when that is. There's a workbook that accompanies it that I recommend too.

Siddartha (Hermann Hesse)

This beautiful fictional narrative is all about the journey of transition and spiritual growth. As you read it, you might recognise patterns from your own experience and find comfort being reminded that even if the path of the inner quest feels isolated and scary at times, it is well-trodden. I particularly resonated with the wisdom gleaned from watching the water. 

The Artists Way course (Julia Cameron)

Not just for artists! This is an insightful guidebook for reconnecting with our creative side, and making the time and space to take care of ourselves during the energetically demanding process of transition. I recommend timing the start of this course for the point in your journey, if it applies, when your well of ideas starts to run dry; and you might feel like life is far too serious. It's best to do it with others and is meant for a 12-week period.


Sounds True: Insights at the Edge (Tami Simon)

This podcast is engaging, authentic and raw. It had me hooked on every word. Tami speaks to fascinating wise teachers, asking personal questions and somehow anticipating the unspoken query on the minds of the listener, especially those we might be afraid to ask. She's interested in 'the growing edge of their inner inquiry and outer contribution to the world.' This is a podcast for emotional inspiration and courage.

Temple of the Universe Talks (Michael Singer)

Back to Michael Singer - twice a week, he gives talks with his characteristic charisma and compelling storytelling. He is an excellent communicator and the message he is delivering is the simple route to living life with ease and joy; how we can allow life to guide us to the place we are going, rather than put pressure on ourselves to force the outcome. Much simpler, isn't it? 

What are the books and podcasts that touched you the most during your transition? I would love to hear your recommendations and the difference they made to you.

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